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Release history

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CDM changelog

CDM-2.2 (trunk: not yet released)

  • URI:
  • program and course can now have the sub-element evu (infoBlockType extension) with attribute evu (={ja|nei}). New element evu is added to the complex types programType and courseType, and it includes an attribute where possible values are taken from the simpleType evuValueType.
  • Added uniqueness contraints for element orgUnitID, and for programID and courseID when they are sub-elements inside the same orgUnit.
  • Added the values dbh, fs and vilbli to the simple types orgUnitCodeValueSet, programCodeValueSet and courseCodeValueSet to permit the use of these values for the attribute codeSet in the orgUnitCode, programCode and courseCode elements.
  • In the sequence model group of the complex type CDMlocation, any element with the namespace is now allowed.
  • In elements levelCode and credits, added the attribute refEmne of type xs:token which can contain a reference to an "Emne" (course).
  • Added the simple type fsBooleanValueType, an enumeration set with the values "J" and "N".
  • In element formOfTeaching, added the attributes fjernundervisning, desentral_undervisning, nettbasert_undervisning and undervisning_ved_institusjon of type fsBooleanValueType.
  • Added the attribute end of type xs:date in element teachingTerm.
  • program can now have the sub-elements campus, url and studyInNorway of type infoBlockType. The new elemenst are added to the complex type programType.

CDM-2.1 (2009-09-01)

  • URI:
  • Imported namespace and schema for xhtml transitional to allow validation of xhtml.
  • Added xs:anyAttribute to element CDM to permit use of xml:lang for the whole document.
  • For the complex type textType, and its sub-element text, added xs:anyAttribute to permit use of xml:lang.
  • In the complex types orgUnitType, programType, courseType and admissionInfo, added xs:anyAttribute to permit use of xml:lang
  • In the complex types orgUnitType, programType and courseType, changed the model group from sequence to choice, with maxOccurs="unbounded". This first of all to make elements with a descriptive text repeatable, and thus eliminate the use of altLangBlock sub-elements when presenting information in alternate languages. As a consequence ALL sub-elements of orgUnit, program and course are repeatable. Furthermore, the order of orgUnit, program and course sub-elements is insignificant. 
  • In the complex type infoBlockType, added xs:any to permit use of xhtml in most descriptive texts.
  • In the sequence model group of element qualification, the sub-element qualificationName is made repeatable (unbounded).
  • Added the attribute term of type teachingTermValueType to element programDuration so that it can be used for information about the startup frequency for a program.
  • Changed the type of attribute start in element teachingTerm from xs:token to xs:date so as to conform with the same attribute in element programDuration.
    <!* Added the value kd to the enumerations programCodeValueSet and courseCodeValueSet.>
    <!* Added the value nettstudium to the simple type formOfTeachingOrgValueType, the enumeration for formOfTeaching.>

CDM- (2008-10-27)

  • URI:
  • Added the simple type levelCodeValueSet, an enumeration set of values for levelCode (national codesets in Norway), with the values fs (for FS' internal codes) and CDM/levelCode | ##kd## (study level code reported to the Ministry of Education).
  • Defined the element levelCode which uses the above code set.
  • Added reference to the levelCode element in elements program and course as repeatable sub-elements ((program|course)/levelCode).

CDM- (2008-07-08)

  • URI:
  • Added the elements orgUnitIntroduction (in orgUnit), programIntroduction (in program) and courseIntroduction (in course) of type infoBlockType, intended to hold (short) general introduction texts for the respective entities.
  • Added the value erasmus to the simple type orgUnitCodeValueSet, which permits the use of this value for the attribute codeSet in the element orgUnitCode.

CDM- (2008-06-24)

  • URI:
  • Added the attribute municipalityCode to the element locality in the complex type adr.
  • Added the values aarsstudium and evu to the simple type levelValueType which permits the use of these values for the attribute level in the element level.
  • Added the value sentralisert to the simple type formOfTeachingOrgValueType to permit the use of this value for the attribute org in the element formOfTeaching, thus deprecating the use of the somewhat confusing value samling.
  • Added the attribute semester to the complex type programDuration.

CDM- (2008-03-04)

  • URI:
  • In the choice sequence of the complex type infoBlockType, changed the types of sub elements bold and italic from the simple type text to the complex type infoBlockType as to permit nesting of these formatting elements.
  • Added the element p of type infoBlockType to the same choice sequence.

CDM- (2007-10-04)

  • URI:
  • Added the value uri to the simple types orgUnitCodeValueSet, programCodeValueSet and courseCodeValueSet which permits the use of this value for attribute codeSet in elements orgUnitCode, programCode and courseCode.
  • Imported XML namespace (for xml:lang and xml:space

CDM-2.0.4 (2007-05-18)

  • URI:
  • Added the value nff to the simple types orgUnitCodeValueSet, programCodeValueSet and courseCodeValueSet which permits the use of this value for attribute codeSet in elements orgUnitCode, programCode and courseCode.

CDM-2.0.3 (2006-03-08)

CDM-2.0.2 (2006-11-15)

  • URI:
  • Added attribute version in CDM element, for versioning of the CDM XML schema
  • Added attribute profile in CDM element, for CDM profile versioning
  • In type orgUnitCodeValueSet: added value mva (VAT number)
  • For all elements  that are a complexType/complexContent and an extension of infoBlockType or an extension of textType (one case), added the attribute mixed=true to the complexType and complexContent declaration tags. This eliminates cases of XML Schema '''interpretation''' issues in parsers where the mixed=true attribute is not considered inherited from infoBlockType. Changes were made for the following elements: examKind (in examType), examDuration (in examType), orgUnitKind (in orgUnitType), level, formOfTeaching, programDuration, expenses, studentPlaces, degree, teachingTerm, credits, instructionLanguage, occurenceRule (in reoccurringEvents in timetableType), contactName (in contactDataType)
  • Changed the type of element href from xs:anyURI to xs:token (xs:anyURI is too strict; many URL's in normal use will cause a validation failure)
  • Added value fjernundervisning to orgUnitKindValueType, the enumeration set of values for attribute orgUnitKind@orgType
  • Defined element br (empty element) and added it to infoBlockType to permit linebreak
  • Changed the value webStøttet to webStottet in the types formOfTeachingMethodValueType and teachingActivityValueType, the enumeration sets of values for attributes formOfTeaching@method and teachingActivity@method
  • New permanent, canonical namespace location for CDM, starting with

CDM-2.0.1 (2005-03-09)

  • Added attribute language to the element text

CDM-2.0.0 (2004-10-20)

  • [ Initial release]
  • Developed on behalf of Norway Opening Universities (NOU) by
    # University of Oslo, USIT: Dagfinn Bergsager, Astrid Jenssen, Tina Lingjærde, Andora Sjøgren, Geir Vangen
    # Pharos: Dag Belsnes
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